Research Symposium Promotion

Client: Johns Hopkins University

The Institute for NanoBioTechnology organizes an annual symposium to highlight the latest and greatest in ongoing science research. I designed marketing material for the event and provided a registration solution for their website.

Goal: Promote a symposium.

Delivered: Print advertising including posters, banners, flyers, name tags and an eight page program booklet.

Tools: Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Cinema4d.

Data Visualization

Client: Michael Bevan, PhD, and the Bevan Lab.

Just in time for Halloween. Demons, demons, everywhere. Maxwell's demon that is. Researcher Michael Bevan approached me with the question if I could use the simulation data that his lab gathers and turn it into stunning visuals. Challenge gladly accepted. And as per usual, a shout out to my collaborator Allan Doyle.

Goal: Spice up the look of research data.

Delivered: Animations to use as supplemental material with the research papers. Covers and general-use illustrations.

The movement of the gold plated objects in the scenes is controlled by the object's response to light. In the first setup, a single light source is above the maze. A rod shaped object is guided through the labyrinth.

In the second setup, each square in the tiled floor can light up. Beads are guided to capture and then transport a target.

Tools: Cinema4d, Thinking Particles, X-Particles, Photoshop, AfterEffects, Premiere.

Ted-X Talk Graphics

Client: Hasini Jayatilaka, PhD

Hasini made a discovery that halts the spread of breast cancer in the body; a method coined the #HasiniEffect. Ted-X MidAtlantic invited her to share her story. She asked me to help her produce her presentation.

Goal: The best darn Ted-X Talk possible.

Involved: Graphics creation and story consulting including animation.

Watch: Hasini's talk on More than one million views!

Posters for the John Astin Theatre

Client: The John Astin Theatre

Actor John Astin leads the Theatre Arts And Studies program at Johns Hopkins University. I regularly design marketing material for their upcoming productions.

Goal: Fill theatre seats.

Designed: Print advertising design. Concept and execution including layout and illustration.

Laboratory Website

Client: Popel laboratory

Alexander "Sasha" Popel, PhD. reached out after a previous client had referred me. Sasha runs the Systems Biology Laboratory, a successful operation with many years of research results. He wanted a destination on the internet that would succinctly show visitors what his lab is about.

Goal: A refresh of the online presence of the Systems Biology Laboratory.

Delivered: A custom designed and build theme. Content management solution using WordPress.

Tools: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Wordpress, Photoshop. Adobe XD.

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